Schlossstraße 523-525
D-41238 Mönchengladbach

Working Areas:
German Employee Inventors Law,

Prof. Dr. Michael Trimborn

German Attorney at Law

For 25 years, companies of all sizes and industries in Germany and abroad have been trusting in his competent and committed consulting services and representation in the field of intellectual property and commercial law, in particular the law on employee inventions: The patent proprietor of the medicament HUMIRA®, a global best-seller, has relied on his expertise in validity proceedings in several jurisdictions. Many (global) market leaders, including in the area of pharmaceuticals, medicinal products, diagnostics, automotive (e.g. transmission systems, pistons, locking systems), robotics, and leading US companies (e.g. semiconductors, confectionery, animal supplies) and the Government Printing Office® were successfully represented by Michael Trimborn in highly significant and partly unique proceedings. Far more than 100 concerns and upper mid-market enterprises have entrusted him with the design and implementation of their – international – inventions policy. Top tier IP practices in Germany and abroad consult him as an expert in this special area. Beside being Executive Counsel at IP2 and running his own law office (www.trimborn-law.de) Michael Trimborn is Lecturer RWTH Aachen and Hagen Law School.

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